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And anything family, you’re always one generation from extinction.
Warren Abbott

All in the Family

Abbott Farms has been in the Abbott family since the Civil War. Warren Abbott wonders if he will be the last in his family to run the farm.

Abbott’s work to keep farm in the family

Change has never been a huge part of Windsor Abbot’s life. For 78 years, Abbott has lived in the same house. He has changed bedrooms over the years, but has never called anywhere else home.

Since he was four, Windsor has worked on his family farm. Windsor has dedicated his last 74 years to working on the farm, and he wouldn’’t have it any other way.

“An eight year old can pick up eggs, can carry a small bucket of water, can take two or three buckets if they have to have that much. And an 80 year-old can do the same thing. As long as you can walk, you got work to do,” said Windsor.

Season of Change

Abbott Farms has seen many changes over the years. When Windsor took over in 1964, Abbott Farms was a dairy farm. He made the transition to harvesting grains. Changes like these have kept the Abbotts in business since the Civil War.

In 2006, Abbot’s son Warren began to take on the role of patriarch, and decided it was time for another change.

“In 2006 I reinvented the farm,” said Warren. “I sent the grain farming down the road, and went to farming fruits. My dad made the best choices possible with what he had to work with, and hopefully I’m doing the same. Time will be my judge, I guess.”

This is Agro-entertainment

Along with a change in crops, the Abbotts stumbled on another business venture that began over forty years ago from a suggestion by a family friend. The Abbotts began doing group tours of the farm to supplement the farm’s income.

“The lady who started us on these tours was the director of the preschool over at the Presbyterian church in Liverpool,” said Nancy Abbot, Windsor’s wife. “She said she wanted to bring a bus of kids down to the farm, and it just kind of grew from there.”

Abbott Farm has since added a corn maze, a petting zoo and a number of other attractions to keep Central New Yorkers entertained during their visit.

All about Families

The Abbott’s strong sense of family carries over into every aspect of their business and family is the foundation of their business.

“When you have a couple of thousand people here in the fall, and you walk around and you see families together having fun, they’re not just taking apples home, they’re having that experience together, and they’re making memories as a family that won’t ever escape them”, said Abbot.