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More than 34 percent Syracuse residents live below the national average. As a result, Syracuse is one of the most impoverished cities in New York. Charles “Chuck” Hanlan is one of those residents struggling to get by. He hasn’t had a job in over six years and currently survives with the support of monthly public assistance of $300 and food stamps.

Anyone who’s lived in Syracuse, NY long enough eventually hears about a youth boxing program for intercity kids. It’s a place to keep the local children out of trouble, get them fit and put them on the right track, but the recession has the gym facing down a different kind of opponent. Meet the three men who’ve won pride and honor in the ring, but are now fighting for a legacy.

Khalid Bey, a newly elected Councilor for the city of Syracuse, embraces the promises made during his campaign to provide a stronger economy for the middle and lower classes.

People who are struggling to find a job are returning to school in an effort to improve their lives. Will spending time in grad school pay off?

Working for the Dream

Firefighters work hard and make sacrifices to serve their community.

Darryl Hughto and Susan Roth are a husband and wife team of artists based out of Canastota, N.Y. They have spent the past 35 years establishing themselves as successful working artists—beating the odds stacked against them.